Specialist in International Funeral Assistance

An expert in international funeral regulations, for more than 30 years, OGF Repatriement has offered a centralised multilingual service to assistance companies for families who wish to arrange the return of a deceased relative to a country other than the place of death.


Full coverage of funeral benefits

A recognised player in funeral services for public institutions, but also a partner of banks, insurance companies and medical insurance companies, OGF has also developed expertise in international funeral assistance. OGF Repatriement teams take charge of the entire logistics of transporting the deceased to and from foreign countries. They implement the assistance services included in the contracts signed with your clients, coordinate the organisation of the repatriation with families, and handle procedures with consulates and embassies.

They also manage pre-repatriation post-mortem care and organise local transfers to departure and arrival points, as well as international transport. After the repatriation, they can also provide other funeral services for your clients, such as putting them in contact with undertakers for the organisation of funerals or the provision of post-funeral services...

Both in France and internationally, an efficient network

To support international funeral assistance services, OGF Repatriement relies on the integrated know-how of the OGF Group. OGF Repatriement can mobilise the teams of its 1,100 branches and 300 logistics centres throughout France and a network of operational funeral correspondents worldwide, especially in French overseas territories. This organisation guarantees your clients responsive service and efficient support at the most affordable price.

Expert funeral and assistance teams

OGF Repatriement’s multilingual repatriation team have dual training as funeral advisers and assistance coordinators. This in-depth knowledge of the funeral sector and the specific challenges of international repatriation enables them to understand your needs and provide the most appropriate solution for each request. The service is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Global Funeral Repatriation Expert

For more than 30 years



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